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Garrettes Gardens are specialised in Garden Design and creating and maintaining beautiful gardens In Bristol

Garretts Gardens is our thriving garden maintenance service. Providing a wide range of garden services in Bristol & first established in 1993, the company is experienced in caring for and maintaining gardens. The staff, Ben and Andrew have been vetted by owner John and carry out all work to Garretts impeccably high standards with a friendly attitude.

We are able to provide the practical services to keep your borders immaculate, hedges and lawns well manicured and your flora blooming. We can also advise when to prune to maximize flowering.

I first contacted John at Garretts Landscapes and Gardens about 10 years ago for advice on redesigning and enhancing my garden. Since then he and his staff have transformed what was a fairly dull, lawn dominant rear garden into a much more interesting space with all-round colour and a great variety of plants. They also provide a twice a month maintenance service which keeps things at their best and their tree service means the numerous trees and high hedges are kept under control. I would (and have) recommended Garretts because of their extensive plant knowledge, design ideas and utter reliability. They are very nice people too!

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Tree Care & Related Work

  • Crown Reductions and Thinning - Help maintain the trees natural shape and create a balanced crown. These techniques also allow wind and sunlight to pass through to the ground reducing shading and wind damage.
  • Pollarding and Coppicing – Traditional woodland management techniques to encourage new growth.
  • Tree Removal and Felling – A potentially hazardous DIY gardening task; let the professionals do it for you and give you peace of mind.
  • Stump Removal/Grinding - Once the offending tree has been removed let us also remove the roots. This prevents regrowth and also allow for replanting and laying of foundations.
  • Pruning and Dead wooding – This task should be undertaken annually and is necessary to maintain a healthy and safe tree specimen.
  • Hedge Cutting and Reshaping – Garretts undertake the maintenance of both coniferous and deciduous species.
  • Garretts are fully insured to undertake the above services and also ensure that all waste is removed upon completion of projects.

For further information on our tree care services please contact us and a member of the team will be happy to discuss specific requirements with you.

Garretts Landscaping Tree Care